Welcome to Future Yoga Mom

I am a hardcore inspirational activist who has an abnormal obsession with pugs. I’m not afraid to be who I am, and I firmly believe we only have one life, so we need to live it to the fullest. I aim to seize every experience that comes by because I like to treat them as “once in a lifetime opportunities”. If you ask me what I am most proud of, I will be delighted to answer myself. You may ask why? But I can honestly say I have come so far from who I used to be, and I believe it is important for individuals to praise and recognize these special accomplishments.

A junkie for inspiring mantras, I can only dream of the days I spend in Bali, Thailand and the beaches that will increase my desire to travel. I have a passion for travelling even though my stories are at a minimal, I still aim to live the adventurous life while living in Ontario, Canada. By the age of 19 I have experienced a fair amount of “once in a lifetime opportunities”! I have ventured out to LA for an incredible one week conference with Invisible Children, have worked with a Canadian organization called Me to We, volunteered with World Pride as Artist Relations and Hospitality (basically making sure all the celebs are comfortable, which is so rad), and worked as a Communications Coordinator in a start-up business incubator. Luckily I have had a one hell of a high-school career and now I am off to Humber College in the fall for Public Relations.

Which leads me to explain why am I starting this blog! This is an outlet for me to have some real deep life chats on maybe some mantras I come across, advice to the average teenage soul, and possibly stories from my life experiences. Its an overall feel good blog, the vibe may change from week-to-week, but it should be an easy breezy read.

If you ever want to get to know me a little bit more feel free to drop a question in the comments and I will answer it with no hesitation!

You can keep up to date with my everyday life here:




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