Experiencing World Pride from Backstage

Picture this: Your side stage and its pouring rain, in front of you is the headliner who is about to go on, to your left is a massive soaking wet crowd who are all still energetic and a soon to be above me is a double rainbow. Now this is an appropriate way to end a freaking awesome weekend at World Pride in Toronto, Canada.

I had the amazing opportunity to come and volunteer at World Pride this year as Artist Relations and Hospitality (basically making sure our performers are happy!). Estatic that I would be backstage and staying in Toronto for a few days, I decided I would live in the moment and make sure I took everything in. Staying in my soon to be future city made me all the more excited for college as well!

World Pride is something anyone and everyone should experience. There is so much going on and such lovely people to converse with there. Its hard to describe but you could tell everyone was in their element and just having an overall fantastic time. To sum it up everyone was just filled with pride!

I highly suggest making a commitment next year and be a volunteer for Toronto Pride at their annual pride weekend. Its an experience that will expose you to the LGBT community, and acquaint you with so many friendly individuals. As a straight person myself, you don’t need to be someone of the LGBT Community in order to be a participant of pride week or volunteer. I am someone who fully supports the cause and community because I have so many friends and family who are apart of it.
Backstage had its perks so I was able to see some pretty rad artists, like Neon Hitch!

The double rainbow just made the experience all the more special!
Plus I met some pretty rad people who greeted my oh so early mornings with a great smile!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Future Yoga Mom Britt


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