Snaps of a life that will pass in a shutter click

We are at a point in our lives where we are saying farewell to many and hello to the new. Growing up is making me want to cherish the times I have with my friends and family because I know in the near future these times will be a lot more rare and sparse. Now realizing this would like be my last summer where I had everyday off, I took it into my own hands and made it an unforgettable one for the time I had here with my friends and family. Thus sparking the idea to head to the cottage with some relatives for a few relaxing days! Packing up for the 4 day venture to the small town of Bayfield, ON, we had sunsets bestowed upon us every evening and beachy waves during the day. Having a few rainy drizzles here and there we kept the breezy coolers and boardgames at hand. The classics obviously being CLUE and a very similar version to monopoly but our childhood game Harry Potter. Set on Crystal Springs Blvd. we awoke to a 70s theme cottage with the standard wood panelling as walls, and that swampy green and thick orange tinge that lies in the floral design of many pieces of furniture. It reminded me a lot of “That 70’s Show” and how they would all circle around in Eric’s basement and the camera would ring back and forth to all the characters. Tucked in the home away from home, I highly recommend checking out this vacation spot for a week long getaway with the fam jam!

Here is a little sneak peak into the snaps of a life that will pass in a shutter click!

10559200_10152208402092021_500800206_n 10559264_10152208401597021_1569147741_n 10565741_10152208401752021_1163751757_n 10565700_10152208402262021_1219696813_n 10564827_10152208401827021_576668446_n 10582292_10152208401727021_673493409_n 10571012_10152208402162021_1111510248_n 10364050_10154393737320790_7140032653582145711_n 10409145_10154394053180790_2284094391947906054_n 10484032_10154393930635790_7375024004547911122_n 10505515_10154394071455790_3682281076597480282_n 10514984_10152208508122021_2016379761_n 10527359_10154393770900790_8075508892278107157_n 10553411_10154393110215790_7984643906522203124_n 10564826_10152208508152021_371751715_n 10574730_10152208508052021_397954345_n 10577952_10152208402192021_845864190_n 10578167_10152208508072021_1497923838_n10566352_10152208401637021_1948664073_n 10565998_10152208402042021_915209924_n 10565955_10152208401667021_149469323_n 10567434_10152208401877021_1804081433_n


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